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Euroregion Pleven Olt Website Design & Development

Association EUROREGION PLEVEN – OLT implements projects in Cross Border Cooperation Programme Romania – Bulgaria 2007-2013. Mission: Investing in your future!

„Euroregion Pleven-Olt” is a cross border association of the municipalities from Pleven District (Bulgaria) and the municipalities from Olt (Romania). It is established in 2007. All projects have been successfully completed, with almost 100% utilization of their budgets. The organization team is composed of experts in various fields of action.

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Speed, accuracy, correctness. With these words i can describe the work of Rumyana. Looking into the smallest detail and answer all our “whims” Association “Euroregion Pleven-Olt” now has a great looking and perfectly working website.
Thank you, Rumyana!
Iliana Georgieva